1) Which of the following a true statement about China? A)

Question : 1) Which of the following a true statement about China? A) : 1418860


1) Which of the following is a true statement about China?

A) The Chinese government's shift from communism to capitalism has led to an increase in FDI.

B) China attracts FDI because the government has eliminated elaborate bureaucracies.

C)  The Chinese government manipulates market activities for political purposes.

D) China lacks an educated pool of employees due to latent industrialization.

2) Which of the following problems in China is blamed for the annual loss of $250 billion by American MNEs?

A) theft of intellectual property

B) environmental hazards

C) child labor violations

D) embezzlement

3) Which of the following countries has an individualistic orientation?

A) Venezuela

B) Japan

C) Egypt

D) Canada

4) Which of the following asserts that a government should NOT interfere in business affairs?

A) collectivism

B) laissez-faire

C) the rule of man

D) pluralism

5) The principle that an individual has the freedom to pursue his or her interests is called ________.

A) socialism

B) totalitarianism

C) individualism

D) collectivism

6) Proponents of ________ argue that individual interests are not as important as the welfare of the group.

A) pluralism

B) capitalism

C) collectivism

D) individualism

7) In a country that emphasizes collectivism, ________.

A) the interests of the individual are more important than the interests of the state

B) one person or political party exercises absolute control over the political and economic systems

C) the needs of society and the needs of individuals are treated as equally important

D) the needs of society take precedence over individual freedoms

8) Which of the following has a collectivist orientation?

A) Canada

B) Australia

C) Japan

D) Netherlands

9) Political systems based on the ________ paradigm, such as those of Japan and China, promote the principle that government may intervene to ensure that business practices benefit society.

A) individualistic

B) collectivistic

C) pluralistic

D) laissez-faire

10) Although there are different views about the purpose of a political system, most analysts agree that an essential task of a political system is to ________.

A) integrate the different elements of a society into a functioning unit

B) allocate scarce resources among competing users

C) develop reasonable attitudes and outlooks within the population

D) protect individuals within the country from foreign threats




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