1) Web mining the discovery of useful patterns the Web. 2)

Question : 1) Web mining the discovery of useful patterns the Web. 2) : 1927942

1) Web mining is the discovery of useful patterns on the Web.

2) A grouping of characters into a word, a group of words, or a complete number is called a record.

3) Every record in a file should contain at least one key field.

4) Both Oracle and Microsoft Access use SQL to retrieve information from the database.

5) DBMS simplify how end users work with databases by separating the logical and physical views of the data.

6) Many applications today require databases that can store and retrieve multimedia.

7) One of the drawbacks to OODBMS is that they cannot work with applets.

8) OODBMS are slower than relational DBMS.

9) A data warehouse may include information from legacy systems.

10) A data warehouse is typically comprised of several smaller data marts.

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