1. Vigorous aerobics are A. at the same level of the

Question : 1. Vigorous aerobics are A. at the same level of the : 2052544

1. Vigorous aerobics are

A. at the same level of the pyramid as moderate activities.

B. performed more frequently than moderate activities.

C. less vigorous than moderate activities.

D. provide a greater stimulus to improve fitness than moderate activities.

2. "Vigorous sports and recreation" refers to sport and recreational activities that

A. are performed outdoors.

B. are of similar intensity as vigorous aerobics.

C. require equipment to increase heart rate.

D. can build muscle fitness and flexibility.

3. Which of the following is used to distinguish vigorous activity?

A. heart rate above 140 beats per minute

B. MET value above 6 METS

C. breathing rate above 30 per minute

D. RPE of at least 12

4. What is NOT true about participation in vigorous aerobic activities?

A. it refers to activities in the 3-6 MET range

B. participation rates decline sharply with age

C. it captures rhythmical activities that use large muscle groups

D. it resides at Step 2 of the activity pyramid

5. Which of the following activities are categorized at the base of the activity pyramid?

A. walking

B. yard work

C. golf

D. all of the above



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