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Question : 1) The Texas uprising against Mexico was characterized by: A)

1) The Texas uprising against Mexico was characterized by: A) alliance between Americans and Tejanos.

B)alliance between Americans and Comanches.

C)hostility between Irish and Spanish Catholics.

D)alliance between Comanches and Tejanos.

2) Which of the following phases was usually first in the pattern of American occupation of new lands?

A)frontier of inclusion

B)frontier of exclusion

C)armed conflict


3) One of the most important factors in the exploration of the West was: A) the China trade.

B)the cattle business.

C)the fur trade.

D)the search for gold.

4) The Lewis and Clark expedition was financed by: A) the federal government.

B)the personal fortune of Thomas Jefferson.

C)subscriptions from land speculators.

D)fur traders. Answer: A

5) In addition to Lewis and Clark, the Louisiana Territory was also explored in 1806–1807 by: A) Lieutenant Zebulon Pike.

B)Jedediah Smith.

C)Major Stephen Long.

D)Major John Wesley Powell.

6) American fur traders joined in a yearly trade fair in the Rockies characterized by the polyglot collection of many nationalities called the: A) jumping-off places.



D)French Prairie. Answer: B

7) The justification for removal of Indians to the west was:

A)the Indians needed a space where they could live undisturbed by whites.

B)to preserve the Indians’ way of life.

C)a belief the Indians could never be civilized.

D)to give the Indians much-needed arable land.

8) The northern half of Indian Territory was abolished in 1854 and replaced with the: A) Oklahoma and Utah Territories.

B)New Mexico and California Territories.

C)Oregon and Nebraska Territories.

D)Kansas and Nebraska Territories.

9) Tribes in the southern part of the Indian Territory: A) mainly came from the upper Midwest.

B)created new communities in the West.

C)engaged in constant war with the Army.

D)returned east as soon as possible.

10) John O’Sullivan:

A)was the first white to see the Grand Canyon.

B)was Frémont’s mapmaker.

C)coined the term “manifest destiny.”

D)opposed Jefferson’s Indian removal policies.



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