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1. The most common way for a virus to spread is by reading your email address book and emailing itself to your contacts.

2. After a virus is on your system, it can do anything a legitimate program can do.

3. The Sasser virus/buffer overflow attack spreads by copying itself to shared drives and emailing itself out to everyone in your address book.

4. The most common method to deliver spyware to a target system is by using a Trojan horse.

5. A rootkit collects user IDs and passwords to other machines on a network, giving the hacker root or privileged access.

6. Malware that is portable to all operating systems or platforms is considered web-based code.

7. Malware that executes when a specific criteria is met is a logic bomb.

8. In a virus attack, the victim machine is the source.

9. The Bagle virus contained email attachments and a fake virus warning.

10. A virus is any file that can self-replicate.



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