1) The Mandans welcomed Lewis and Clark because the Indians

Question : 1) The Mandans welcomed Lewis and Clark because the Indians

1) The Mandans welcomed Lewis and Clark because the Indians hoped for: A) a buffer between them and the Cherokee.

B)an alliance against the Russians and British.

C)a group to play against British fur traders.

D)expanded trade and support against the Sioux.

2) Which one of the following is NOT true of Mandan community? A) Their clans were matrilineal.

B)Male clan leaders selected a council.

C)They had fertile lands and a trading economy.

D)The position of chief was hereditary.

3) The period between 1800 and 1850 in the United States was characterized by: A) slow population growth.

B)a dramatic expansion of the population to the west.

C)an open continent, with no foreign rivals.

D)Atlantic seaboard cities losing their economic influence.

4) 18th century Russian expansion into Alaska was mainly driven by: A) the fur trade.

B)the fishing industry.

C)Russian agricultural villages.

D)gold mining.

5) Russian attempts to exploit economic opportunities along the far north Pacific coast of North America were met by opposition from what Native American groups?

A)Sitkas and Kodiaks

B)Sioux and Shoshonis

C)Aleuts and Tlingtis

D)Kamchatkas and Inuits

6) Where did Spain build a chain of missions to protect their rich colony of Mexico?


B)Colorado River


D)Alta California

7) The first trans-Appalachian states admitted to the Union were: A) Ohio and Indiana.

B)Kentucky and Illinois.

C)Louisiana and Mississippi.

D)Kentucky and Tennessee.

8) By 1800, about what proportion of Americans lived west of the Appalachians?





9) What Ohio River city became a growing center of the western economy?

A)St. Louis



D)New Orleans

10) By 1800 the United States would be best described as: A) an overwhelmingly rural nation.

B)a mainly urban nation.

C)a more commercial than agricultural nation.

D)economically self-sufficient.



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