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1) The chief subject of discussion at the convention held

Question : 1) The chief subject of discussion at the convention held : 1666784

1) The chief subject of discussion at the convention held in Seneca Falls, New York, was: A) revolutions abroad and their effect on the United States.

B)prison reform.

C)educational reform.

D)women’s rights.

2) Which of the following is NOT a reason why immigrants were unwelcome to many Americans?

A)They were poor.

B)They were Catholic.

C)They worked for low wages.

D)They filled a need for unskilled labor.

3) Until the 1880s, the task of receiving immigrants fell on: A) the Federal government.

B)private charities.

C)the cities.

D)religious leaders.

4) The major factor sending waves of Irish immigrants to the United States between 1845 and 1849 was:

A)the Irish potato famine.

B)the plague.

C)Parliament’s passage of anti-Catholic legislation.

D)the collapse of the Irish government.

5) The city most affected by Irish immigration during the 1840s was: A) New York.




6) The typical German immigrant in the 1840s–1860s was: A) a political dissenter.

B)a skilled worker.

C)an ex-prison inmate.

D)an indentured servant.

7) Which area of the country had the smallest concentration of foreign-born residents in 1860?

A)New England


C)Upper Midwest


8) “Instant” cities were those in which:

A)people could reach their workplace within minutes.

B)rapid growth was due to new transportation networks.

C)huge industrial plants were erected.

D)a large influx of immigrants caused rapid expansion.

9) Where would German immigrants have been LEAST likely to settle?

A)Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, and St. Louis

B)Ohio, Indiana, and Missouri farms


D)northeastern cities

10) The appearance of Charlotte Woodward at the Seneca Falls Convention indicates that: A) only upper class women were attracted to the movement.

B)Progressive Quakers dominated the movement.

C)poor farm girls shared in the desire for reform.

D)free blacks as well as whites attended.



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