1. One reason for the growth in right to publicity

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1. One reason for the growth in right to publicity lawsuits is

A. the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Hilton v. News Corp.

B. the Warren and Brandeis Harvard Law Review article entitled "The Right to Publicity."

C. the tremendous growth of the cult of celebrity in the United States.

D. all of the above.

2. When a judge talks about a transformative use in a right to publicity case, he or she is referring to

A. a use that transforms the plaintiff's likeness into something the defendant can sell.

B. transforming a right to privacy claim into a claim for the right to publicity.

C. a use which is not a literal reproduction of the plaintiff's likeness, but a use in which the defendant has added a creative element to the likeness, like making it a parody of the likeness.

D. a use which takes a person who is a celebrity in one field and transforms that celebrity to another field; like making a musician into a TV actor.

3. The right to privacy seems to be withering away, in part because of

A. increased government intrusion into private lives.

B. numerous technological innovations like the Internet.

C. the willingness of individuals to trade some of their right to privacy to get other things.

D. all of the above reasons.

4. Someone whose photo is taken without their permission while they are walking down a public street cannot sue for publicity of private facts, but could sue

A. Using a new tort called virtual right of privacy.

B. For trespass.

C. For intrusion.

D. For none of the above.

5. The intrusion tort differs from other right to privacy torts (appropriation, private facts, and false light) because

A. publication of the private information is not required to establish a legitimate cause of action.

B. it is recognized in only a minority of the states in the nation.

C. where as litigation in the other three tort areas has grown sharply in the past two decades, the number of intrusion cases has dropped sharply.

D. only celebrities or well-known individuals can successfully sue for intrusion.


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