1) Managerial ability, rather than leadership, a prerequisite for organizational

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1) Managerial ability, rather than leadership, is a prerequisite for organizational success.

2) A manager makes sure the job gets done whereas a leader cares about and focuses on the people who do the job.

3) The trait approach to leadership proposes that leaders are made, not born.

4) According to Tannenbaum and Schmidt, managers who sell decisions can be called subordinate-centered.

5) A manager who permits the group to make decisions within prescribed limits appears at the center of Tannenbaum and Schmidt leadership continuum and is considered moderately democratic.

6) The move from a boss-centered style to a subordinate-centered style means some loss of certainty about how problems should be solved.

7) The Vroom-Yetton-Jago Model is built on the premises that organizational decisions should be of high quality and subordinates should accept and be committed to organizational decisions that are made.

8) In the AII decision style, presented in the VYJ model, manager and subordinates meet as a group to discuss the situation, but the manager makes the decision.

9) A major drawback of the VYJ model is that it cannot be used for determining when a leader should use which decision style.

10) The OSU studies concluded that leaders exhibit two main types of behavior, structure behavior and consideration behavior.




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