1) IT infrastructure technology the set of physical devices required

Question : 1) IT infrastructure technology the set of physical devices required : 1927930

1) IT infrastructure technology is the set of physical devices required to operate the entire enterprise.

2) Today, most system and application software is custom built by in-house programmers.

3) Systems integration means ensuring the legacy systems work with new elements of the infrastructure.

4) Using an online storage service such as DropBox is a type of virtualization.

5) A mainframe is a type of legacy workstation.

6) Client/server computing is the most widely used form of centralized processing.

7) In cloud computing, rapid elasticity refers to the ability of computing resources to be quickly altered to meet demand.

8) Application server software is responsible for locating and managing stored Web pages.

9) HTML5 is the latest evolution of HTML, and is designed to make it much easier to embed third-party add-ons, such as Flash animations and streaming video, in web pages.

10) A computer language translation program is an example of system software.

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