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1) In seventeenth and eighteenth century English, the term ________, which was Latin for "in the middle", meant a connection between two things, or a way of conveying something from one place to another. 

2) Media technologies have accomplished what ________ called the "annihilation of space by time" as the near-instantaneous transmission of messages around the globe makes physical distance less and less of a barrier to communication. 

3) Sociologist, Daniel Bell emphasized the role of the media in creating a "post-industrial society" characterized by an "information explosion".  This notion was renamed the _______.

4) Today, the existence of what is sometimes called a/an ________ sphere, where opinion and discussion can circulate without government interference, is regarded as a central element in liberal democracy. 

5) Speedy, easy-to-use, decentralized means of communication will be technologies of ________ that empower citizens and make despotic top-down state control of media more difficult to maintain. 

6) Sociologists who study the ________ of media look at the social institutions that govern the production, distribution, and consumption of information. They are interested in who controls access to the means of communication, and how that control is used to solidify or subvert social power. 

7) The ________ school originated with British Marxist researchers who were interested in popular culture as an arena where contending cultural codes and agendas were in conflict. 

8) By showing people can respond to and reinterpret media in different ways, ________ theory has made a crucial addition to our understanding of media.

9) Kilbourne argued that the new advertising encourages girls and young women to see themselves as ________ ________ at even earlier ages. 

10) The ________ maintains that vicariously experiencing aggression provides a substitute for actually expressing it, and acts as a sort of "safety valve." 

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