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1. In recent years, organizations have _______________ the public policy

Question : 1. In recent years, organizations have _______________ the public policy : 1740216

1. In recent years, organizations have _______________ the public policy process.

A. Tended to avoid

B. Learned to live with

C. Attempted to counteract

D. Increased their role in

2. Journalists claim to adhere to the principle of _______________ in their writing.

A. Subjective analysis

B. Objectivity

C. Full disclosure

D. Editorial judgment

3. The Internet columnist who was the first to expose scandals about the Clinton Administration was _______________.

A. Matt Drudge

B. Paul Begala

C. Sidney Blumenthal

D. Jayson Blair

4. An example of a “free” wire service is _______________.

A. PR Newswire

B. Business Wire

C. Reuters News Wire

D. All of the above

5. One key to scheduling a news conference is _______________.

A. Scheduling in mid morning

B. Inviting everyone

C. Following up early and often

D. All of the above

6. An interviewee sitting in a studio and interviewed by a number of different stations in a number of different cities is an example of a _______________.

A. Video news release

B. Satellite media tour

C. Press conference

D. Trade show publicity

7. One key in maintaining positive employee relationships is to emphasize _______________ in all communication.

A. Sternness

B. Decisiveness

C. Credibility

D. Glibness

8. In a print interview, an interviewee should avoid _______________.

A. Being candid

B. Being tape-recorded

C. Going into personal stories

D. Going off the record

9. The government agency that now boasts the largest public affairs operation in the world is the _______________.


B. Defense Department

C. State Department

D. President

10. The employee communications philosophy of S. H. O. C. stands for ___________.

A. Strategic. Honest. Open. Consistent.

B. Simple. Honest. Open. Candid.

C. Straightforward. Honest. Open. Candid.

D. Strategic. Honest. Open. Cautious.

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