1) In March 2012, the Public Relations Society of America

Question : 1) In March 2012, the Public Relations Society of America : 1940431

1) In March 2012, the Public Relations Society of America reached a common definition for public relations.  Which of the following represents the winning definition?

A) “Like beauty, the definition of ‘public relations’ is in the eye of the beholder.”

B) “Public relations is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.”

C) Public relations is a planned process to influence public opinion, through sound character and proper performance, based on mutually satisfactory two-way communication.”

D) “Public relations revolutionizes the way organizations and individuals communicate to their key constituent publics around the world.”

2) Letters unearthed at Al Qaeda terrorist-in-chief Osama bin Laden’s last stand were a testimony to the accepted notion that public relations has become one of society’s most potent forces.  Which of the following were among his most pressing concerns?

A) Ways to improve news media coverage

B) His place in history

C) Al Qaeda’s image and a possible name change to give the group a more religious ring

D) All of the above

3) The strength of the public relations field stems from

A) its roots in democracy.

B) its significance in enhancing democracy.

C) its significance in altering the ranks of management.

D) its significance in protecting management from encroachment by unqualified leaders.      

4) As society is overwhelmed by communications, what is the challenge for the communicator?

A) To bombard the target audience with messages of every variety (traditional and nontraditional) at the same time

B) To make billions of dollars when there are 320,000 public relations professionals

C) To convince people that public relations is important

D) To cut through communications that come from many sources to deliver an argument that is persuasive, believable and actionable.

5) How many communications professionals are employed by the Department of Defense?

A) 1,000

B) 4,500

C) 7,000

D) 9,250

6) The fundamental mandate of public relations is

A) strategy

B) communications

C) relationships

D) character

7) In John Marston's R-A-C-E process, the key step is

A) solid strategy.

B) reasoned research.

C) proper action.

D) careful evaluation.

8) Which of the following distinguishes the R-O-S-I-E formula from other formulae that summarize the PR process?

A) encompasses more clear objectives

B) encompasses a more managerial approach

C) encompasses more implementation of a predetermined plan

D) encompasses more scientific evaluation

9) Applying the widely repeated definition of public relations developed by the late Denny Griswold to serve an organization properly, practitioners ought to serve as

A) counsels to chief legal officers.

B) honest brokers to top management.

C) advisers to human resources directors.

D) consultants to directors of marketing.

10) Which process emphasizes planning as a necessary step preceding the activation of a communications initiative?

A) R-P-I-E

B) P-P-I-E

C) R-A-C-E

D) P-A-C-E


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