1. In Europe during the Middle Ages, it was believed

Question : 1. In Europe during the Middle Ages, it was believed : 2119758

1. In Europe during the Middle Ages, it was believed that

a. all species had evolved from a common ancestor

b. evolution was the result of natural selection acting upon genetic variation

c. all forms were created by God and did not change over time

d. most species had become extinct over time

e. life was created slowly, over millions of years

2. The discovery of evolutionary principles first took place in western Europe, made possible by

a. advances in scientific thinking that began in the 18th century

b. understanding by Christians that there was a recent origin of life on earth

c. the cohesive theory formulated by Arabs, Indians, and Chinese that species were continuously changing

d. advances in scientific thinking that date back to the 16th century.

e. the central importance placed on evolution by physical anthropologists.

3. What is the belief that species do not change but are the same as when first created known as?

a. fixity of species

b. the Great Chain of Being

c. truth

d. uniformitarianism

e. natural selection

4. Growing attacks on traditional beliefs resulted with growing awareness of biological diversity. _________challenged a notion proposed by Aristotle to account for the movement of the sun and planets.

a. Copernicus

b. Linnaeus

c. Darwin

d. Wallace

e. Mendel

5. Several events had combined to alter Western Europeans’ ideas about the earth by the 18th century. These did not include

a. the circumnavigation of the globe

b. the discovery of the New World

c. the notion of a sun-centered universe

d. a less than rigid feudal class system

e. “arguments from design”, meaning structures were engineered to meet purposes for which they were designed


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