1) Entrepreneurship the process of starting a new business to

Question : 1) Entrepreneurship the process of starting a new business to : 1400047



1) Entrepreneurship is the process of starting a new business to respond to an opportunity in the market.


2) An entrepreneurial venture is the same as a small business.


3) An entrepreneurial venture is much more likely to change an industry than a small business.


4) Most entrepreneurial ventures are successful.


5) One of the first things an entrepreneur does is look for potential opportunities in the marketplace.

6) Legal issues for an entrepreneurial organization typically are addressed after the organization is up and running.


7) Once the entrepreneurial organization is up and running, the entrepreneur becomes a manager.


8) An executive summary is the most complete kind of business plan.


9) A context analysis sizes up the target market and evaluates possible competitors to the company.


10) An entrepreneurial venture's advertising strategy would be included in the description of the business section of a full business plan.




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