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Question : 1. Case Study: Leslie inspects a house

1. Case Study:

Leslie inspects a house under construction in a new subdivision on the north side of town and decides to buy it. The day after she moves in, the wind shifts and begins to blow from the north. She smells a powerful stench. (bad odor). On inquiring, she learns that a large cattle feedlot is located north of the subdivision, just over the ridge, and, to make matters worse, the owner of this old business plans to expand it. Leslie joins other property owners in an action to shut down the feedlot.

Under what provisions can Leslie and others sue the owner of the feedlot?

What are the legal rights of the Feedlot owner?

What are the rights of the property owners?

Write in 100 -150 words the argument or reasons for your suit against the Feedlot owner.

As a Judge, make a decision and give your verdict – in 100 words.

2. Explain the relationship between efficiency and distribution in analyzing the Private Law. Cite examples to highlight your answer.

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