1) An occupation that requires specialized knowledge

Question : 1) An occupation that requires specialized knowledge : 2152010

MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question.

1) An occupation that requires specialized knowledge, accompanied by long and intensive academic preparation is called:

A) A profession

B) A license

C) A job

D) A degree

2) Which are levels of recognition for professional competence?

A) Licensure

B) Certification

C) Credentialing

D) All of the above

3) What is the process of formal recognition and/or technical competency and performance by evaluating and monitoring adherence to an applicable professional standard?

A) Credentialing

B) Certification

C) Licensure

D) Accreditation

4) What refers to the confirmation of certain characteristics of a person, achieved after education or assessment by a third party?

A) Credentialing

B) Certification

C) Licensure

D) Accreditation

5) What does "permission to practice a profession" refer to?

A) Credentialing

B) Certification

C) Licensure

D) Accreditation

6) What is being referred to when third-party authorization or approval is given to a process of delivering programs?

A) Credentialing

B) Certification

C) Licensure

D) Accreditation

7) What organization created a set of professional qualification standards through a technical committee process?

A) National Fire Protection Association

B) National Fallen Firefighters Council

C) National Fire Service Safety Council

D) National Professional Qualification System

8) What organization has strategic goals to work collaboratively with schools of higher education?

A) International Fire Service Accreditation Congress (IFSAC)

B) International Fire Service Training Association (IFSTA)

C) National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)

D) Fire and Emergency Services Higher Education (FESHE)

9) What are three levels of hazardous materials response?

A) Awareness

B) Technician

C) Operations

D) All of the above

10) What National Fire Academy program offers professional development through a series of four courses: Executive Development, Executive Analysis of Community Risk Reduction, Executive Analysis of Fire Service Operations and Emergency Management, and Executive Leadership?

A) The National Fire Prevention Analysis Program

B) The Fire Service Chief Officer Accreditation Program

C) The Executive Fire Officer Program

D) The Harvard University Executive Development Program

11) What should be one of the fire service's highest priorities and deepest values?

A) Training

B) Gaining as much experience as possible

C) Establishing and maintaining professional credentials

D) Maintaining traditions

12) Which was one of the first countries to make the move to firefighting as a profession?

A) Australia

B) Mexico

C) United Kingdom

D) China

13) What did the Los Angeles Trade Analysis identify was needed for the fire service?

A) A better emphasis on safety

B) Specialized skills-based text books for firefighters

C) High physical standards for firefighters

D) Better personal protective equipment

14) Where was the need recognized for widespread acceptance of an improvement in fire service training and education?

A) The Wingspread Conference

B) The Firehouse Expo

C) The Fire Department Instructors Conference

D) The National Firefighter Safety Conference

15) What is one of the more critical aspects of protecting the integrity of our training system?

A) Credentialing of instructors

B) Certification of instructors

C) Training of instructors

D) All of the above

16) What elements are fairly consistent regardless of the type of fire instructor credentialing program?

A) Use of a standard for instructor qualifications

B) A mechanism to provide recognition to an individual who meets these instructor qualification standards

C) Both A and B are correct

D) None of the above

17) Why is credentialing of instructors important?

A) It is an easy way to legitimize instructors

B) It is not important

C) It assures accountability

D) It is required under federal law

18) What are the general types of certification?

A) Those that require periodic recertification

B) Those valid for the entire lifetime once the exam is passed

C) Those that require an incremental fee structure

D) Both A and B are correct

19) A lifelong commitment to personal and professional growth includes which of the following?

A) Education

B) Training

C) Experience

D) All of the above

20) What is a recent term that examines someone's personal life experience and includes certification and licensure?

A) Pedigree

B) Accreditation

C) Baccalaureate investigation

D) Professional recognition and licensure

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