1) An entrepreneur a person who forms and operates a

Question : 1) An entrepreneur a person who forms and operates a : 1908724

1) An entrepreneur is a person who forms and operates a business.

2) A sole proprietorship cannot be easily transferred when the owner desires to do so.

3) A sole proprietor is legally responsible for the business's contracts.

4) The designation of d.b.a. refers to the description for a business that is operating under a trade name.

5) A trade name statement refers to a document that is filed with the state that designates a trade name of a business, the name and address of the applicant, and the address of the business.

6) In a sole proprietorship, the business is considered a separate legal entity.

7) No federal or state government approval is required for creating a sole proprietorship.

8) If no other form of business organization is chosen while obtaining a license, the business is by default a sole proprietorship.

9) A sole proprietor has limited personal liability.

10) A sole proprietorship does not does not pay taxes at the business level.


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