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Question : 1) Among the primary reasons that young farm women moved

1) Among the primary reasons that young farm women moved from the farm to work in textile mill towns in the early nineteenth century was:

A)to save their families from economic collapse.

B)to escape unhappy marriages.

C)to escape farm life and earn wages.

D)to find husbands.

2) The history of Lowell epitomizes this transition.

A)the effect of the Erie Canal on manufacturing

B)self-sufficient farm families to urban wageworkers

C)working class to middle class

D)slave to non-slave labor

3) By the 1850s at Lowell:

A)Irish immigrants had replaced New England women as workers.

B)the Lowell system had been widely copied across New England.

C)more women than ever were working in the mills.

D)most residents were self-sufficient farm workers.

4) Between 1800 and 1857, the travel time from Boston to New Orleans fell from 6 weeks to: A) one week.

B)two weeks.

C)three weeks.

D)four weeks.

5) The first transportation project to span the United States from the east coast to the Mississippi River was the:

A)Erie Canal.

B)National Road.

C)Nauvoo Turnpike.

D)New York Central Railroad.

6) Starting with the Erie Canal, heavy construction work on canals and railroads was mainly done by:

A)local farmers.




7) If you lived in Boston or Philadelphia from 1790–1807 and had accumulated large amounts of capital, it was probably from: A) textile mills.


C)commercial farming.

D)international shipping.

8) As an early 1800s Cincinnati merchant, you were most likely to be financing: A) cotton textile manufacturing.

B)canal construction.

C)steamboat construction.


9) A crucial aspect of the new putting-out system was: A) uniform parts.


C)assembly lines.

D)division of labor.

10) In the pre-industrial system, a boy who wanted to learn a trade: A) was trained in an industrial school.

B)became an apprentice to a master craftsman.

C)would learn from an older family member.

D)would have to teach himself.



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