1) A plan an unspecific action proposed to help the

Question : 1) A plan an unspecific action proposed to help the : 1914768

1) A plan is an unspecific action proposed to help the organization achieve its objectives.

2) Repetitiveness, time, scope, and length are the four dimensions of plans.

3) The repetitiveness dimension of a plan is the extent to which the plan is used over and over again.

4) The scope dimension of a plan is the level of the organization at which the plan is aimed.

5) Standing plans are plans used over and over again because they focus on organizational situations that occur frequently.

6) Single-use plans can be subdivided into policies, procedures, and rules.

7) A policy is a single-use plan that furnishes broad operating guidelines.

8) A rule is a standing plan that designates specific required action.

9) A budget is a single-use financial plan that covers a specified length of time.

10) A plan is likely to fail if managers at different levels in the organization are not properly engaged in or contributing to planning activities.


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