1. A community health nurse constructs an ecomap for a family

Question : 1. A community health nurse constructs an ecomap for a family : 2134878

1. A community health nurse constructs an ecomap for a family based on the understanding that this tool is useful for which reason?

A) Family relationships over three or more generations are depicted.

B) The ecological system of a family's neighborhood is charted.

C) The connections between the family and other systems can be seen.

D) Directions for gathering data about neighborhoods are provided.

2. When a community health nurse is conducting a family assessment on an assigned family, which of the following would be most appropriate?

A) Use quantitative data only to maintain objectivity.

B) Interview one family member to avoid confusion and repeated information.

C) Use a checklist format, completing the tool in the family's presence.

D) Make several visits and accumulate data from all family members.

3. A community health nurse visits an 81-year-old man with newly diagnosed insulin-dependent diabetes. The client lives alone. The nurse has seen the client on three previous visits and is visiting early in the morning to observe his insulin administration technique. The nurse finds the client depressed over his situation. The nurse suggests that they list positive points about his situation and discuss his feelings. This is an example of which of the following?

A) Strengthening

B) Data collection

C) Goal-directed questioning

D) Measuring family functioning

4. A community health nurse is applying an interactional framework to assess a family's health. Which of the following would the nurse do?

A) View them in terms of the family's internal relationships

B) Look at them from a life-cycle perspective

C) Evaluate the members' changing roles and tasks

D) Assess them as a social system relating to other social systems

5. When making a home visit to a family, the community health nurse considers several actions. Place the actions in the sequence that the nurse would most likely perform them.

A. Traveling to the family's home safely

B. Summarizing the highlights of the visit for the family

C. Making some small talk before getting to the focus of the visit

D. Reviewing the family chart thoroughly as the visit is planned

E. Making plans for a future visit

F. Adapting interventions according to the family's stage of development

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