1) 1. We three did not always agree about the

Question : 1) 1. We three did not always agree about the : 2007970

1) 1. We three did not always agree about the values the Dead stood for, but we sure loved the band's music.

2.We also loved the atmosphere surrounding the Dead's concerts, as much as the concerts themselves.

3.No one enjoyed the Volkswagen buses plastered with peace and flower-power decals, the people selling Dead paraphernalia, the sharing of food and resources, more.

4.To John and Cathy, the Grateful Dead embodied all the vices and virtues of the sixties.

5.One group that never seemed passé, although their music never changed from the sixties, was the Grateful Dead.

6.John, Cathy and I like to go to rock concerts.

7.John prefers the "classic" groups like the Eagles and the Who, both of whom have had reunion tours.

8.I prefer somewhat more contemporary groups such as the Cranberries and Hootie and the Blowfish, but I have to admit, their sounds are similar to some old groups that John and Cathy like.

9.For a long time, John and Cathy were Deadheads, people who travel from city to city following the Grateful Dead on tour.

10. Free love, communal living, pacifism, mind-expansion through drugs, these are the values the Dead professed.

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