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Saving the Liberal Art – A Columbia University Initiative – Developing Librarian


Many of us in a humanities class think, “This person has been dead for 2,000 years. All the people he wrote about are dead too. How this is even possibly relevant to my life?” Let us discuss why the humanities are relevant to everybody’s life. You study the humanities to become a better human. The Columbia University initiative, Developing Librarian insists on improving the...

Maine Learning Technology Initiative – A Empirical Analysis

Maine Learning Technology Initiative

Maine Learning Technology Initiative The background and the reason behind MLTI or Maine Learning Technology Initiative is the need to revolutionize education and create access to technology. The roots of this initiative are from the idea that modern technology, though has reached the hands of millennial children, is not focused on education. For example, the smartphones used almost by every child...

Sustainability: The latest Buzzword in Entrepreneurship


When we think about the future of business and the future of the corporation, some important global trends are impossible to ignore. We are at a population of seven billion people on this planet, on our way to nine billion by the year 2050. At the same time we are experiencing rapid urbanization, so the growth of mega-cities, as well as the rise of the middle class in many emerging markets. All...

Medical College of Wisconsin IRB (MCWIRB) – A Short Introduction

Medical College of Wisconsin

MCWIRB – ScholarOn Let us understand the purpose of the Institutional Review Board, and how it works for the Wisconsin Medical College. The IRB system came into place in 1974. It was a set of rules that the US federal government created, as part of regulations issued in response to problems taking place in some research studies in this country and abroad that involved the violation of some...

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